Honeymoon in Mexico

  • By Jared Turner
  • 17 Sep, 2015

A honeymoon  in Mexico at Le Blanc resort offers an epic experience

Most often, as a travel agent I have the opportunity to let you hear form me about the experience you can have but there is nothing more significant than hearing it from another couple.

Here is an unedited version of  Katie and Henry’s  epic honeymoon experience.

Here is a complete review that you can use for other people! Overall (as you will see) we really recommend this resort for a honeymoon. It is smaller and quiet, but not too quiet or boring. It is perfect! Also, if you are looking for more nightlife it is a short 5-10 min walk from all of the bars (Senor Frogs, etc.). We walked down to the bars one night and it was completely safe to be out at night and walking in the area.  I will send you pictures as soon as I transfer them to my computer!
General Resort info:
Room:   We loved our room. It had a great view of the pool and ocean. The Jacuzzi tub by the window was really great.
Butler service:  A great added bonus of the resort. While we did not utilize the butler to do any of our unpacking, he did put a new aromatherapy candle in the room each night which was very nice. As part of the honeymoon package we received a romantic welcoming back to our room one night. He had our Jacuzzi filled with water and rose petals, rose petals all throughout the room, chocolate covered strawberries, a chocolate cake, and a cold bottle of champagne. It was great!!
Room service:  We ordered room service for breakfast two mornings and it was perfect. We filled out a form with what we wanted and the delivery time and put it on our door the night before. The food arrived still warm with hot coffee and fresh fruit right on time.
Pool:  AMAZING! The pool was exactly as it appears in pictures, maybe even better. We never had to worry about getting down early to get a chair or an umbrella. The people working at the pool were great about bringing around drinks and delivering lunch orders. Somebody even came around and offered cold towels and cucumbers for our face/eyes as we lounged one day.
Spa:  Very nice and calming atmosphere. Definitely recommend taking advantage of the free hydrotherapy section of the spa if you visit.
Beach:  The beach was picture perfect. The water was very warm and very calm. A couple of the days there was some bad seaweed that everyone said was very rare for the area, but it cleared up by the end of the trip.
Night activities:  There are nightly activities in the upstairs terrace each night and we attended a few of them. The Michael Jackson show was great, as well as the live band. The bartenders at this bar were so friendly and entertaining- they were my favorite!

Resort Food:
Overall:  The food was the best I have ever had at a resort. I have nothing bad to say about it!
International restaurant:  This is a buffet for breakfast and lunch and has a la carte service for dinner. The dinner menu is a mix between a steak house and traditional Mexican cuisine. The fajitas were great!
Italian restaurant:  This has a la carte service for dinner. We went twice we liked it so much! I don’t think you can go wrong with anything you order.
Asian restaurant:  This has a la carte service for dinner. It has sushi as well as other asian dishes. We thought the sushi was great.
French restaurant:  This restaurant requires a reservation, which your butler can make. We made one a day ahead of time and had no trouble getting in. It has two dinner options, a tasting menu and a la carte service. We decided to do the tasting menu with the wine pairings and loved it. It was such a great dining experience.
Romantic dinner on the beach:  We chose to use some resort credit for the romantic dinner on the beach and LOVED it. I definitely recommend doing this if you have some resort credit. The dinners must be reserved through the vacation planners in the lobby. Each couple has a private dinner on the beach inside one of the beach cabanas, which are right in front of the ocean so you have an amazing view. The dinner comes with several courses, which includes both lobster and steak. Champagne is also served. They also provided us a personalized menu with our names on it.

JetSki Rentals:  We went to Moon Palace for an afternoon to check it out, and they had jet ski rentals through the resort there. It was a great time (60$/30 min). JetSki’s were also available later in the week on the beach near the Le Blanc, just not directly through the hotel.
Snorkling in the Cenotes:  We really wanted to see the Cenotes and go snorkeling, so this excursion was perfect for us. It was approximately 120$/person (could not use resort credit) and included transportation, lunch, equipment, and a guide. The tour lasted from 7:30am-4pm. We got to snorkel in two cenotes, one open water and one in a cavern. The open water cenote also included a cliff to jump off and a zipline. The final location was in one a river that outlets into the ocean. All three locations were great. The included lunch was also good and was traditional Mexican cuisine. Also, they have a photographer that travels with you and takes great pictures. You play only 35$ and receive a cd with all of your pictures.
Day trip to Chichen Itza:  This is an all day trip (9am-7pm) and includes transportation, a guided tour, and lunch. We were able to use our resort credit, so i’m not sure how much it actually cost. It was a great trip with a great guide and we recommend it if this is something that interests you. It took about 2 hours to get to the first stop, which is an area with local shopping and lunch. From there it took a half hour to get to Chichen Itza. We spent around 2-3 hours at Chichen Itza, where part of the time was a guided tour and part of the time we were free to go around by ourselves to take photos. The trip back took around 3 hours total.
By Judith White 23 Oct, 2017

A wedding is special...as women, we have been dreaming about the event since we were little girls.

My wedding was not the fairy-tale I imagined. In fact, my photos are in an album…digital images weren’t very popular then.

I got married in Jamaica but had no idea about how stunning a garden or a beach wedding could be. 

Beautiful backdrops of the ocean or the lush, beautiful gardens of a fabulous resort...


I didn’t!

My wedding was cool, but there are so many things I would do differently if I was planning it now. We are talking over-water chapel with stunning ocean backdrops, horse-drawn carriage, fireworks etc.

Uhm, I think I am the beach wedding kind of girl!

And…I would have this fabulous beach wedding for less than a traditional wedding.

Are you kidding me? 

Nope…it’s all true!

If you want to have a casual, intimate ceremony, outdoor weddings are magical. There’s something about hosting a beach or garden wedding that makes the whole affair feel more relaxed and leisurely. The scenery of either makes for breathtaking photographs and natural light tends to be the best friend of your photographer.

By Jared Turner 26 Sep, 2017

As you may already know, there is lots of luxury resorts with luxury inclusions in the Caribbean and Mexico. These resorts offer inclusions that are designed to dazzle and impress you. Everything you need is available so your your experience can be complete.

So what do you know about these luxury resorts that offer more than the ordinary…they offer luxury inclusions a a great value!

My son has a large vocabulary and he uses these words that have my mind wondering whatever does that word mean. In an effort to appear that I’m “in the know” I go along with the conversation but as soon as I can, I get on my device to type in the word and get the meaning.

Most of my clients want an “all-inclusive” experience…and they tell me that they do. I typically share with them what is included.  But it never dawned on me that a list of inclusions would probably not be enough.

So Mr. and Mrs. went off to a luxury resort in Jamaica and I felt confident that they would have a great time. I was excited when Mrs. called me to report on her trip (I get the warm and fuzzies when couples come back and gush over their amazing experience!)…I can’t help it! I am extremely passionate about what I do and I’m in the business of transforming lives.

So how was your trip, I asked.

“It was good. But my hubby only had 4 shrimp on his plate. That was disappointing. We thought we would have more to eat”.

Did you order more? You know you can eat at every single restaurant and you can have more than one entree, I said to her.

They were both unaware that they could have more than one dish or could eat whenever they wished.

If you looked up the word “all-inclusive,” Wikepedia defines it this way:

An allinclusive resort  is a holiday resort  that includes at a minimum lodging, three meals daily, soft drinks, most alcoholic drinks, gratuities, and possibly other services in the price. Many also offer sports and non-motorized water-sports and other activities that are included in the price as well.

At White Sand Travel, we work with top rated resorts and you can expect “all-inclusive” to mean the following luxury inclusions:

Luxury Accommodations: Rooms and suites that can be as opulent and sexy as you can imagine and can include a dedicate concierge team or butler services

Gourmet Dining: Enjoy amazing cuisines from themed restaurants from around the world, by world renowned chefs. Wine pairing makes the experience even more delectable.

Beverages: We’re talking  unlimited premium spirits 24/7 at various locations on the resort…at dinner, at bars, swim-up bars or even in your room.

Entertainment: Daily themed shows and events ranging from fire-shows, big screen movies, live bands etc. You won’t be bored.

Activities: Non-motorized water-sports, includes scuba, snorkeling (some include lessons,) land sports such as tennis, basketball, racquetball etc.

Tipping: Tipping is at your discretion.

You can do as I do…

Most often I travel for 5-days/4-nights and I may have a choice of dining from 6-16 different restaurants (depends on the resort.) It’s almost unlikely that I will be able to dine at all the restaurants so I may have dinner at one and dessert at another. However, I try to dine at as many different restaurants as possible. It may appear that the portions are small but appetizers and drinks can really fill those spaces. And unlike my clients above, order two entrees…no one will tell you know or bring you an extra check.

We are experts in designing the type of experience that has the luxury inclusions that won’t leave you feeling like you’ve not had enough.  Let us help you select the option that best suit your needs.

Call us today at 770.469.7370 or click here  to schedule an appointment to get started.

By Judith 05 Jun, 2017
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By Jared Turner 21 Nov, 2016

I’ve always wanted to capture the details of a real wedding!

I can still remember the day I met them…my first thought “beautiful and a very discerning couple.” Karen was stunning in a beautiful blue dress and Brian was sharp in shirt and tie. As we started our dialog, they listened intently, asked a ton of questions and they both took notes. Our meeting lasted over an hour and two things were pretty clear – they were deeply in love and they wanted a wedding that would capture their individual personalities and lifestyle.

Brian and Karen had a vision of their wedding and they were adamant that their guests have the time of their lives. They wanted the “wow” factor.  That meant finding the perfect location, affordable pricing for their guests, having amazing food and a place to party.

We went to work and about 15 months later, we met at Moon Palace Cancun for the big day.

To describe the wedding is an impossible task but I’ll try.

The eve of the wedding, the couple hosted a welcome reception at Lake Terrace. OMG! Open bar, hors d’oeuvres, dinner, music/dancing and about 55 guests having an amazing time. We couldn’t have asked for more.

Except on the day of the wedding...

The chapel overlooking the ocean was the most spectacular location for them to say their vows. It was charming, it was beautifully decorated, it was inviting and it was imitate. As I sat in the pew towards the back of the chapel, I spied the carriage …OMG that is Karen in the horse-drawn carriage! Kleenex please!

And here she comes….

OMG, she’s stunning (I heard myself say while everyone else was totally quite, speechless to be exact)… More Kleenex! Not just for me this time, but for almost everyone!

Her stunning dress was a Provonia…and she couldn’t have looked lovelier. She looked like a princess.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many photographers at an event in my life. Well, maybe at Princess Diana’s wedding (I think.) May I say, it will be a task to select pics for this wedding album (I would not want that job!)


We went on to a cocktail reception while the couple and bridal party took more stunning pics.

I digress…

We were ushered to the reception and every single guest stood there for a minute or two in utter amazement. Where did they get these fabulous favors? There were two armoires with pictures, favors, flowers, trinkets…and a table with hand-made plaque. Every thing was personalized for Brian and Karen. It was like being in a candy store as a kid…so many things to capture my attention.

The decor was impeccable, the dance floor changed colors, the music was incredible (a mix of Caribbean and Spanish) and the tables were absolutely stunning. The wedding team deserve an award for transforming the terrace by the ocean into the most amazing reception area I’ve ever seen.

The bridal party came out dancing (their own signature dance to music) and the moment came…the announcement of the newly-weds.  Shut the front door…(my saying for when something is utterly amazing) they took this to a whole other level. More Kleenex! I really didn’t think Brian could dance like that, but we were in for a real treat.

Dinner was just absolutely to die for. I could have gone back for more but I wanted to behave. Pictures aplenty, everyone was snapping. I had to recharge my phone. I was in paradise experience a magical wedding. Where do they do that? Only in Cancun I guess!

Then it was time for the first dance! A standing “O” for the couple…they dazzled us!

I didn’t dance but I watched everyone else, I was having way too much fun. It was a party to remember. This couple…they set the bar for weddings. To have 55 guests echo one word over and over is kind of hard to imagine. But, the theme among the guest was “ Perfect , i t was perfect .”

The following day we bumped into the couple. They said, they had the magical wedding they dreamed of. It was definitely my honor to help them make their dream come true. It’s a wedding I will treasure for a lifetime.

And…the best part, I have grown to love Karen and Brian and I now think of them as friends. What more can I ask for?

There is nothing I like better than taking the dreams of a couple and transforming those dreams into reality so they can have their magical moment.

By Jared Turner 14 Oct, 2016

Planning a tropical beach wedding and want to be sure it knocks the socks off your attendees in addition to being the first day of the rest of your life with your spouse? Here are a few ways we’ve learned to make destination and beach weddings we’ve assisted bring to life WOW family and friends over the years. (Why should the happy couple be the only ones who gush over the momentous occasion?)

By Jared Turner 13 Oct, 2016

As a travel agent, it is my job to be as familiar with as many services as possible so I can make the best recommendations to you.

I have used both shared and private transfer but on my last trip to Jamaica, I made a decision that I will use private transfer in as many instances as I can.

Here are the reasons why:

A couple days ago as I discussed honeymoon planning options to a bride, she had questions about round-trip airport transfers.

When you fly internationally, you need transfer services to take you from the airport to your accommodation and back again once your trip is complete. What kind of transfers should you purchase?

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