Frequently asked questions

What does a Travel Specialist do?

The process will be different depending on whatever travel agency you work with, but in general, you can expect a good honeymoon travel specialist to take all the stress out of planning. We start with a free consultation call to learn more about your honeymoon dreams and budget. From there we prepare several preliminary itineraries for you to choose from. We book all of the travel for you, from flight and hotel/resort to transfers and excursions and we are available for support while you’re traveling in case any hiccups come up (like a cancelled flight or missing bags)

Is it more expensive to work with you than to book by myself?

If you think time is money, then definitely not. The amount of time we save you by doing all the research, itinerary building, and booking for you is worth its weight in gold.

But even beyond that — working with honeymoon travel specialists like us is a smart financial move. That’s because, with our expertise, we know a good deal when we see one … and when a “good deal” is really just going to be a big waste of money. We also are much more familiar with honeymoon resorts than the average consumer, so it’s easier for us to match you with the perfect room at the perfect resort within your budget!

Why should I work with you?

Here’s what I’m really proud of – I’m devoted to building a relationship with my clients.
When you work with White Sand Travel, you’re not just plugging dates into Expedia and hoping for the best … you’ve got a real, live travel pro who’s going to take the reins for you.
If you’re looking for luxury on your honeymoon, there’s nothing more luxurious than personalized service — and that’s what you get when you work with me. Welcome to VIP service!

Do you have a minimum budget requirement?

Currently, I am accepting new clients with a minimum budget of $5,000 per couple. There are times that I will make an exception, however, these may be subject to an additional Trip Design Service Fee added to the booking.

What destinations do you provide service for?

White Sand Travel serves the Caribbean and Mexico, but we are not limited to geography. We book honeymoons for every destination. We chose to specialize in the above destinations because of popularity, accessibility, and affordability. There is a plethora of options for epic honeymoon experiences, so we do not impose limits.

How do we know what documentation is required to travel?

During your consultation call, we will discuss these requirements with you. To ensure you are aware of passports, Visas, or other required documents prior to booking your trip. And how to obtain those, if needed.

I don’t know where I want to go?

That is a common challenge. After all there are so many options. Because of our knowledge and relationships with travel suppliers, we can zoom in on what destinations and locations suit you best. That is one of the reasons we conduct that complimentary interview with you – so we can customize your honeymoon based on your tastes and lifestyle.

How far in advance should I book my honeymoon?

We believe that 9-12 months prior to your wedding date is a good timeline to book your honeymoon. When you delay booking, you compromise the experience that you can have.

How do I pay my deposit?

Contact your travel agent and request a credit card authorization form so your deposit can be taken from your credit card.

Is my credit card information safe?

Yes. Your credit form in handled through an encrypted site and is not printed and stored. It is an electronic transmission and allows you to manage the payments you authorize. It is secure and private.

What if I want to stay extra nights?

You can absolutely do that. You can stay 2-nights before and 2-nights after the contracted travel dates at the same group rate.

What if I make my deposit and then change my mind, will I get a refund?

That all depends on the date of cancellation. This is communicated in our newsletters, so you know exactly what the cancellation dates and penalties are. You may purchase travel protection which will entitle you to a full refund less a $25.00 per person cancellation fee.

What if I want to book my own package?

Although you can book your own hotel package, it does not serve you well. You will not be added to the wedding group and may not be eligible for the group amenities.

What if I want to go on tours/excursions?

Tours and excursions are not included in the package but can be arranged by your Travel Specialist. Contact us for details.

What about my flights?

The price of airfare can fluctuate from one day to the next. Airfares must also be paid for at the time of booking and cannot be put on a payment plan. This is another topic that is discussed in detail in our newsletters.

Can I book my own airfare?

Yes, you can. If you book your own air, please pass on the details to your Travel Specialist so we can use it to coordinate your transfers.

How do I get to the resort from the airport?

Your package does include round-trip airport transfers. Approximately 10 days prior to your departure, you will receive your official travel documents which will include all details about your trip.

What if I have more questions?

Refer all travel related questions to your Travel Specialist.