Are You Looking For A Perfectly Designed Travel Experience?

  • Are you overwhelmed by the mountain of information on the internet and not sure how to zero in on what's ideal for you?
  • Do you want to spend more time doing the things you enjoy instead of stressing out over the details of travel planning?
  • Do you want eliminate or minimize your concerns about not getting good value or the experience that you want and deserve?
  • Why White Sand Travel is Your Solution

    The light in your eyes and the smile on your face should be there way past the day you said “yes” to the big question. We work with couples like you stay in the moment instead of being buried under a mountain of information about various travel deals. We help you to escape the stress of travel planning so that you can focus on each other and the things you enjoy. We design your own unique romantic experience that will strengthen your connection with each other and keep you feeling like a teenager in love.

    Judith - Romance Travel ExpertJudith is the owner of White Sand Travel, a service that started as a hobby  because of her desire to help couples have a great romantic experience.  Judith realized that she had an incredible gift for curating romance packages and as a result, White Sand Travel blossomed into a  full service design agency that serves hundreds of happy couples fulfil their travel fantasies .

    Judith had a disappointing honeymoon experience and wants to help other couples avoid the costly mistakes she made. She is disturbed to learn that statistics show that only 25% of couples have their dream honeymoon. Her vision is to bridge that gap and provide the needed education so that more and more couples can plan their ideal experience and not settle for less than they deserve.  She is convinced that every bride can have her dream!

    White Sand Travel has a team of experts that are eager to serve you. Although our speciality is romance experiences in the Caribbean and Mexico, we are not limited by geography and can serve you regardless of where you live or where on the map you want to travel.  Call us today at 770.469.7370 to learn more. If you know that you are ready to start planning, call us now or schedule  your Free 30 minute discovery call today.  Click here to get a copy of our Honeymoon Planning Guide now.


    Enjoy the Same Incredible Benefits Our Other Clients Experience

    • You will be treated like royalty with the peace of mind of knowing that every element of your romance experience will be custom designed according to your desires
    • You will have someone who is accountable for designing your experience without you doing a single thing except showing up and having a blast.
    • The confidence of knowing that if something goes wrong, you have the support of someone who has intimate knowledge of your plans and can step in and manage any type of crisis