Need Help Planning Your Romantic Vacation?

  • Is your head spinning with countless travel offers and advice the internet keeps throwing at you?
  • Do you want to spend more time doing the things you enjoy instead of stressing out over the minute details of travel?
  • Do you want an expert to help you plan the most extraordinary event of your life without the extra effort on your part?

How White Sand Travel Helps You Plan Amazing Romance Experiences

Who Are We?
Planning a romantic vacation? Look no further! White Sand Travel helps couples in love see and feel the deepest colors of life. We make romantic adventures flow as smoothly as sand flows between your fingers. As curators of romance travel, we help the couples we work with by designing enchanting experiences so that they have the time to do what they enjoy instead of managing timetables and refreshing web pages.

The owner of White Sand Travel, Judith White, has been a professional travel agent for over 12 years. She combines her honeymoon planning experience with a limitless passion for travel and romance! In her work as travel agent, Judith realized that she enjoys engineering the experiences that come with travel.
That interest blossomed into what White Sand Travel stands for today – a design agency that frees busy couples to do what they enjoy the most instead of anxiously refreshing web page to find the best deals. With White Sand Travel, you can full indulge in the excitement and anticipation of that once-in-a-lifetime travel without stressing over the planning details.

Benefits Our Clients Experience

  • The peace of mind in knowing that every element of their romantic experience will be custom designed according to their desires
  • The luxury of showing up and experiencing their own personal paradise without ever having to lift a finger
  • They experience destination weddings that feel like dreams, honeymoons they wish would never end and romantic escapes that leave them speechless

Romantic Vacations…