Need Help With Your Honeymoon, Destination Wedding or Romantic Getaway?

  • Is your head spinning with countless amount of travel offers and advice that the internet keeps throwing at you?
  • Do you want to spend more time doing the things you enjoy instead of stressing out over the minute details of travel planning?
  • Do you want a Romance Travel Expert to help you plan the most extraordinary event of your life without the extra effort on your part?
  • Incredible Honeymoons, Destination Weddings and Romantic Escapes Start Here

    How does White Sand Travel help?

    We work with loving couples such as yourself who want to experience the magic of romance without the hassle of endless research. We help you by designing incredible honeymoons, jaw-dropping destination weddings and romantic escapes that make you never want to leave your destination.

    The owner of White Sand Travel, Judith White, has been a professional travel expert for over 12 years. She combines her honeymoon planning experience with a limitless passion for travel and romance! In her work as travel expert, Judith realized that she enjoys engineering the experiences that come with educating and planning romance for couples in love.

    That interest blossomed into what White Sand Travel stands for today – a travel design agency that eliminates the stress that comes with planning the perfect honeymoon, destination wedding or romantic getaway. The White Sand Travel team of experts are prepared to help you design your incredible experience. Contact us or call us at 770.469.7370 to start the process. Our speciality is designing luxury, customized and award winning experiences to the Caribbean and Mexico.

    Enjoy the Same Incredible Benefits Our Clients Experience

    • You will have the peace of mind of knowing that every element of your romance experience will be custom designed according to your desires.
    • You will have the luxury of showing up and experiencing your own personal paradise without you ever having to lift a finger.
    • You will experience destination weddings that feel like dreams, honeymoons you wish would never end and romantic escapes that leave you speechless.

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